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About Opvest

Irvine, California-based full-service options and futures brokerage Option Investments, Inc. (OpVest) offers a strong educational component to its investment services. OpVest’s research-focused brokers are committed to providing clients with intimate knowledge of investing and trading in the markets. Its training methodology takes investors well beyond surface-level concepts, providing them with conceptual grounding in the fundamentals of trade design. Through intensive tutelage, OpVest puts clients in the driver’s seat, making them well aware of how to take advantage of opportunities amidst ever-changing market conditions. 

A core trading strategy featured on OpVest’s website involves buying an option to potentially profit from an expected commodity price increase, known as “going long.” This strategy involves purchasing a futures contract that will rise in value if direction and timing of price shifts are accurately predicted. Leverage amplifies gains and losses beyond the initial margin deposit, making it critical to have good information and strong investment experience. OpVest steers investors toward profitable transactions through its free Options Trading Suite, which includes the Dynamic Options Strategies & When to Use Them. The Suite also includes Options 101, Option Selling Strategy, and Quick Guide to the Greeks. OpVest stresses that options and futures trading carries inherent risk, and that past results are no indicator of future results. 

At the heart of OpVest’s innovative trading approach are mathematics-based online trading systems that utilize algorithmic strategies to indicate market disparities. The NinjaTrader trading platform offers a trading suite with advanced charting functions, and allows traders to execute trades from a price ladder. OpVest’s R | Trader is tailored to traders who require expedited futures and options trading capabilities from a price ladder or an order ticket. The Strategy Runner allows investors to author or subscribe to electronic markets strategies, giving them flexibility and freedom. Strategy Runner programs are housed on remote servers, easing trader concerns about Internet connection stability and maintaining dedicated trading functionalities. OpVest also offers clients a diverse range of wealth management solutions that emphasize value investing through informed asset allocation, selection of stocks and bonds, and options strategies. OpVest’s wealth management services are designed to guide clients toward generating stable, long-term income while meeting individual risk-tolerance levels.
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